Window Tinting Products Folsom

Window Tinting Products Folsom

We have all the Window Tinting Products and Services you need at Window Tinting Folsom

At Window Tinting Folsom, we know that there are many reasons why you might want window tinting services, and we strive to meet your needs. We also are excited by the wide variety of products and services available in this industry, and we are always thrilled to be able to add a new product to our list of offerings. There is practically no limit to the benefits that different types of window treatments can offer, and we help you take advantage of all of them! Below are just a few of the products we offer for your window tinting needs:

Automotive window tinting

We offer automotive window tinting products in a variety of shades, with additional features such as glare reduction and heat protection. In California the front side windows must let in more than 70% of visible light, while the back windows can be as dark as you want them. Our automotive window tinting options can take into account all these different needs and preferences.

Home window tinting

There are many different products you can choose for residential window tinting to meet your needs and goals. If you’re looking to protect your home interior from fading, our UV resistant films will do this while letting in visible light. You can lower your electric bill by filtering out the sunlight as well. Privacy films and decorative films can guarantee your family’s privacy while also letting in sunlight, and also giving your home a beautiful appearance. Security tinting makes your window glass virtually impossible to shatter, protecting your home and family against intruders and accidents alike. Night vision tinting allows you to see outside at night, even when the lights are on indoors, when untreated windows would simply be showing you a reflection of the interior window.

Marine window tinting

You can choose window tinting options that are perfect for your boat and boating needs, including UV protection and glare resistance.
Glare resistant tinting: With glare resistant tinting from Window Tinting Folsom, you will increase the safety of your car and make it much easier to see while you are driving. Our glare resistant window tinting can help increase visibility when the sun is bright, especially in the morning and afternoon when the sun is at an angle. It can even help with night visibility by reducing the glare of other cars’ headlights. Glare resistant tinting also helps soothe your eyes on a boat, where the reflection of the sun on the water can be so bright as to be painful. Even in a home or business, window tinting can help reduce glare on your computer screen by filtering the UV light that comes in.

UV filtering tinting

Protect your upholstery, furniture, and carpet with UV filtering tinting, which reduces or eliminates up to 90% of the harmful UV rays coming through your windows. UV filtering is beneficial for cars, boats, and homes, and protects your eyes and skin as well as your possessions. Give us a call today at Window Tinting Folsom for a free estimate!