Window Tinting Laws in California

Window Tinting Laws in California

So what are the laws in California when it comes to Window Tinting?

At Window Tinting Folsom, we often have customers ask what the window tinting laws are in California, as they are afraid of accidentally breaking the law or being pulled over for having the wrong kind of window tinting in their cars. If you are looking for street legal Tinting Products or even decorative Tinting Products you have come to the right place at Window Tinting Folsom. First, let us assure you that we will not let you drive off with window tinting treatments that do not conform to all of California’s laws and regulations on vehicle tinting. For your peace of mind, we will also inform you of the applicable laws so you can make sure that your vehicle window tinting is up to current standards. Remember, if you need your window tinting changed or replaced, we can help you with that at Window Tinting Folsom! If you have any window tinting questions about window tinting in general, feel free to contact us and one of our window tinting experts will help you out.

How dark can the windows be?

  • The front side windows must let in more than 70% of visible light. They can be slightly tinted, but only very slightly. The windshield can be tinted on the top 4 inches of the windshield, but it must be non-reflective. The back side windows and rear window of the car can be as dark as you want them to be. We will make recommendations about the safety levels of different levels of darkness, but legally those windows are up to you.

How much reflection can I have?

  • Reflective window tinting does not just look cool; it also helps keep your car cooler and protects against light damage. In California, no windows in your car can be more reflective than standard glass. Sorry, but no mirror finishes here! Don’t worry, though – that level of reflectiveness can still protect you against plenty of heat, light, and UV rays!

What tint colors can I use?

  • In California, you are not allowed to tint your car windows red. Any other colors are legally acceptable.

What if my tinting affects visibility?

  • Tinting your rear window can affect your rear view visibility, especially if you choose a very dark tint. As a result, California requires that you install dual side mirrors if you tint your rear window in order to give you a greater range of visibility and to make up for the lost visibility in your rear window.

Does the tinting film itself need to be certified for sale in California?

  • California does not require that film manufacturers certify their film for sale in the state. At Window Tinting Folsom we use only the highest quality tinting film so you do not need to worry about quality control, which would be the purpose of requiring certification as some states do.

Do I need a sticker that says my tinting job is legal?

  • California does not require you to display a sticker that proves that your window tinting conforms to legal requirements. Since the majority of the regulations are concerned with which windows can be tinted, what colors or level of reflectiveness you can use, and what safety implements you have to have in place, it should be obvious to any outside observer that you are within regulations.

Can I get a medical exemption for a different kind of window tinting?

  • There is no medical exemption for window tinting in California. Everyone is subject to the same regulations regardless of medical condition.