Window Tinting FAQ

Window Tinting FAQ

Frequently Asked Window Tinting Questions from around Folsom, CA

At Window Tinting Folsom, we are often asked basic questions about window tinting. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that our customers want to know the answers to:

What kinds of window tinting do you do?

We offer automotive window tinting, residential window tinting, and marine window tinting. We will travel to you with our mobile window tinting services, or you can bring your car to us.

How long will it take to tint my windows?

This depends on how big a job you want us to do. A car may take between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the number of windows in the car. An entire house, of course, will take much longer.

Can I touch the windows after they are tinted?

Try very hard not to. The window tint is not cured until 2-4 days after it has been applied, and can take even longer in cold or wet weather. Every time you touch the windows you increase the risk that the adhesive will not stick and that the tint will peel off. You should not by any means roll your car windows down until the tint is thoroughly cry and cured.

Can I clean the windows?

After they are dried and cured (2-4 days, longer in wet or cold weather), you can safely clean your windows with any vinegar-based or non-ammonia window cleaner. There are window cleaners specifically formulated for tinted windows that you can buy. Diluted vinegar is also safe, as is any window cleaner that does not have ammonia in it.

Can I have my windows tinted even if it is wet or cold? Yes you can!

New adhesive formulations have made it possible for us to install window tinting even when the weather is wet and/or cold. It will take longer for the windows to cure under these circumstances, though, so be careful not to touch or rub the tinting.

Why do my newly tinted windows look hazy/bubbly?

There is a thin layer of moisture between the tinting film and the glass when the window tint is installed. This moisture causes a hazy effect, and as it dries you may see patches remaining that look like bubbles. Both haze and bubbles will go away as your window tint cures and dries.

Will my car’s window tint turn purple and bubble like older cars I’ve seen

Older window tint treatments were not as UV-resistant as modern treatments are. UV damage is the reason why older car windows tend to turn purple and bubble. No window treatment can withstand UV rays forever, but our UV treatments will last a significantly longer time than older treatments before they need to be replaced.

Will my kids tear it up

Our window tinting treatments are scratch resistant and are designed to withstand a significant amount of normal use. You should not need to worry about kids or pets in the car. However, they are scratch resistant, not scratch proof, and you will still need to exercise a reasonable amount of caution when transporting large objects or dealing with sharp things. A good rule of thumb is that if it might damage regular glass, it might damage your window tint. Dirt and grime caught in the bottom of the window can also cause scratches when you roll the windows down, so it is best to have this cleaned out and have a protective guard installed.