What is window tinting?

What is window tinting? Window tinting is the application of a specially-designed film to the windows in your car, home, or boat. The most common kinds of window tinting products block out a portion of the sunlight that comes in through the windows, protecting the interior space from UV light and making it cooler inside. […]

Marine Window Tinting

Marine Window Tinting At Window Tinting Folsom, we offer marine window tinting for your comfort and security on your boat Marine window tinting has many benefits which will improve your boating experience. When you go out boating, you are exposed to glaring sunlight both from the sun and reflected from the water. With window tinting […]

Residential Window Tinting

Residential Window Tinting Lower your Energy Bills and increase your Privacy with Home Window Tinting Residential window tinting can lower your utilities bills and provide you with much-needed privacy in your home, all without changing the appearance of your home or blocking out the natural sunlight which is such an important part of your home’s […]

Mobile Window Tinting Folsom

Mobile Window Tinting Folsom Mobile window tinting from Window Tinting Folsom is a simple, convenient process Trust the experts at Window Tinting Folsom for all your Mobile Window Tinting Folsom needs! If you are looking for a way to make your car more comfortable and aesthetically attractive, you just might need mobile window tinting! Mobile […]

What different kinds of window tint is there?

What different kinds of window tint is there? At Folsom Window Tinting, you can choose from a wide variety of window tinting options to meet your needs. There are many different kinds of window tint, however the most common type of window tinting product is the sun-blocking or sun-filtering kind, which filters up to 90% […]

Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting Custom Auto Window Tinting Folsom Automotive window tinting refers to putting a dark coating on your car windows in order to reduce sun glare, make it cooler inside the car, and increase privacy. Automotive window tinting is common and popular in many areas of California, including Folsom, because it does increase the […]