Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting

Custom Auto Window Tinting Folsom

Automotive window tinting refers to putting a dark coating on your car windows in order to reduce sun glare, make it cooler inside the car, and increase privacy. Automotive window tinting is common and popular in many areas of California, including Folsom, because it does increase the comfort of the car and make it look better from the outside as well.

When you get your car windows tinted at Window Tinting Folsom, our window tinting experts will apply the tinted film to the interior of your car windows. This process only takes a short amount of time – usually less than an hour – but your window tint will need to cure for several days before you can wash your windows. At Window Tinting Folsom we recommend that you avoid any other activities that might cause the window tint film to peel away from the windows before it is completely dry and set for the first few days after getting your windows tinted, such as rolling down your windows or transporting large objects that might rub against the interior of your newly tinted windows.

There are legal restrictions on what sort of automotive window tinting you can in Folsom, CA, and our experts at Folsom Window Tinting will help you choose the best options for your vehicle that fit into state requirements. Give us a call today!

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